No Labels preps playbook to select presidential candidates, broaden support

In an effort to broaden support for presidential candidates and identify individuals who are best suited for the highest office in the land, the political advocacy group No Labels has released its Presidential Playbook. The Playbook offers a comprehensive guide on how to find, assess, and nominate potential candidates. Through its outreach and data analysis, No Labels hopes to help “facilitate a more competitive, independent presidential election process.”


The Playbook contains advice about how to engage with potential candidates in the early stages of the presidential race, including identifying and forming relationships with individuals who have “unique qualifications for office.” The Playbook also offers advice aimed at finding the most viable hopefuls for various states across the country. Ultimately, the Playbook is meant to help political parties, supporters, and other independent groups to locate and select presidential candidates who The No Labels hope will represent a wider variety of perspectives and views.

The Playbook offers demographic information on the American electorate and suggests that organizations should identify and promote presidential candidates who can speak to a diversity of interests and backgrounds. The Playbook notes that research has shown that candidates who appeal to a broader base of voters often are more successful at achieving the necessary electoral votes to win the White House.

The Playbook also advocates for a longer, more competitive primary season that allows different types of candidates to compete in each state, including those who lack the resources of the major parties. The Playbook also emphasizes the importance of unpaid media campaigns aimed at introducing voters to potential candidates.

No Labels has made its Presidential Playbook available for free download to political organizations, independent campaign groups, and any other interested parties. The Playbook is intended to give these groups guidance on how to effectively engage with and select candidates for the upcoming presidential election.

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