Surging Adoptions, Unsupporting BUSDs, Winning Cases and 20 Crypto Jokes

1. What did the Bitcoin say to the Ethereum?
Are you ready to for-loop?


2. What did the miner say to the block?
Let’s get hashing!

3. What did the blockchain say to the ledger?
I’m irreplaceable!

4. Why did the altcoin go to the market?
To get some listed!

5. What did the investor say to the miner?
Let’s put money in the blockchain!

6. What did the ICO say to the trader?
Let’s do some crowdsale-ing!

7. What did the blockchain developer say to the wallet?
Let’s get a hard fork!

8. What did the miner say to the smart contract?
Let’s get down to brass tacks!

9. What did the detective say to the blockchain?
Let’s trace the transactions!

10. How does a hacker invest in crypto?
Through a backdoor!

11. What did the dad wallet say to the son wallet?
Keep your private keys safe!

12. What did the altcoin miner say to the ASIC?
Let’s get hashing!

13. What is the difference between a blockchain and a ledger?
A blockchain is distributed while a ledger is centralized.

14. How does a blockchain stay secure?
Through the use of cryptography and distributed consensus algorithms.

15. What did the blockchain evangelist say to the skeptic?
Let’s explore the possibilities!

16. Why did the permissioned blockchain go to the doctor?
It had too many nodes!

17. What did the BUSD say to the investor?
Trust me, I’m backed by the USD!

18. What did the venture capitalist say to the blockchain startup?
Let’s talk token economics!

19. What did the cryptocurrency trader say to the portfolio manager?
Let’s diversify our investments!

20. What did the wallet say to the smartphone?
Let’s keep our private keys secure!

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