Web3 Games Platform Tamadoge 3D NFT Presale Starts Today 14th September, Set to Continue TAMA Coin Price Surge

The Tamadoge 3D NFT platform has today, 14th September 2020, launched its pre-sale, leading the TAMA price surge. Tamadoge is the first 3D game development and publishing platform powered by the Ethereum Blockchain aiming to revolutionize gaming, realizing true ownership of digital assets.


Allowing the tokenization of 3D visual content, Tamadoge has enabled non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to be minted, such as in-game models, objects, and consumer products, that then can be utilized in 3D games and applications. Tamadoge leverages blockchain technology to bring integrity and trust to the world of 3D gaming. Each and every collectible on the Tamadoge 3D NFT platform is a one-of-a-kind and digital scarcity is enforced using a new generation of ERC-1155 tokens.

The Tamadoge’s native currency, the TAMA coin, is the fuel of the platform, and will be used for in-game purchases, creating and publishing assets, NFTs, and more.

TAMA was Andy Morbitzer’s brainchild: a new kind of cryptocurrency powered by the Ethereum Industrial complex. The idea for TAMA was born out of a small local community of blockchain developers who were building NFT-based video games.

The Tamadoge 3D NFT platform’s pre-sale started today, 14th September 2020, and is expected to go on for a while. The pre-sale which has an initial cap of 3 million coins is being offered at a fixed price of 0.30 USD each.

TAMA Tokens are also backed by the Tamadoge Platform DAO, meaning for each token sold in the pre-sale, part of the funds will go directly into the operation of the Tamadoge platform.

The Tamadoge Platform DAO is a community-governed fund that uses TAMA Tokens to support the development of the Tamadoge Platform and its ecosystem. Participants in the Tamadoge Pre-sale can receive a discount on their purchased TAMA tokens and benefit from a 1 year lock-up, which means that they will receive a bonus share of the returns generated by the Tamadoge Platform DAO.

These early adopters are at the forefront of Tamadoge’s mission to revolutionize gaming, realizing true ownership of digital assets, and enhancing the gaming experience all the way from development to player.

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