Bitcoin Schools, Paxos Oopsies, US Lawsuits and 20 Crypto Jokes

1) What did the cryptocurrency say when her date showed up late? “You’re a bit of a blockchain.”


2) Why did the Ethereum user feel so secure? Because he was making transactions on the immutability network.

3) Why did the Bitcoin hodler get angry? Because his wallet got hacked!

4) What did Bitcoin say when the Litecoin miner asked him out? Sorry, I’m only into blockchains now.

5) How did the ICO founder pay for his lunch? He paid with Ethereum tokens.

6) What did the Bitcoin miner say when he found out he struck gold? I found the crypto motherload!

7) Why did the blockchain researcher take so long vacation? He wanted to explore consensus algorithms.

8) Why was the cryptocurrency project so popular? Because it had an established protocol.

9) What do you call a blockchain lawyer? A legal ledger.

10) Why did the blockchain developer leave his job? He got tired of dealing with chain splits.

11) What do you call investing in cryptocurrencies? Crypto-currency roller coaster.

12) What do you call sending a transaction to someone using Bitcoin? Sending them bits.

13) Why did the crypto investor buy a new computer? His old one couldn’t mine Bitcoin fast enough.

14) What did the cryptocurrency trader say after a week of losses? “I guess I got lucky surviving the bears.”

15) What do you call a group of blockchain experts? A Block Society.

16) Why did the Paxos engineer get upset? Because of an oopsie.

17) Why are crypto exchanges different from traditional markets? Because the price of cryptocurrency is always changing.

18) Why do crypto enthusiasts get excited when they talk about their investments? Because they’re making paper money from digital coins.

19) Why did the bitcoin startup hire a US attorney? To help them navigate US regulation for cryptocurrencies.

20) What did the cryptojoke tell the skeptic? Just hodl on and you’ll find out!

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