Pepe Coin Gains 9% in 7 Days as One of Web3’s Hottest New Gaming Platforms Draws $165k in Presale

Pepe Coin, a new decentralized digital asset developed on the Ethereum blockchain, has seen strong growth in its market capitalization over the past seven days, gaining 9% compared to a 7-day average of 4.8%. This puts the coin’s total market capitalization at $3.14 million USD as of this writing.


The surge in Pepe Coin’s market capitalization is largely attributed to the success of its recent presale, which closed on August 14. Over $165,000 USD was raised in the presale, with the highest contribution coming from the popular crypto-gaming platform Enjin. The platform is now set to release its gaming platform, which is entirely based on the Ethereum blockchain, before the end of 2020.

The platform, which is labeled as Web3, is supported by leading gaming providers such as GoldCoin and PopCulture. The platform’s decentralized games and apps will run on the blockchain, and will use Pepe Coins as the main form of currency and for in-game purchases.

The developers behind the project, which go by the company name “Shrimp & Friend”, are also working on a mobile app that will let users purchase, store, and transfer Pepe Coins. The app will also provide expanded features such as non-fungible token (NFTs) support, gaming tournaments and promotions, and more.

As Web3’s gaming platform continues to attract more users and developers, Pepe Coin stands to gain more traction in the crypto market and earn more value. With the success of the presale and the broader Ethereum community’s involvement, the project is in a good position to continue growing and succeeding over the next few months.

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