2005 PATI

The 2005 Pacific Arts Festival Tonga (PATI) attracted about 60 traditional Pacific artisans including carvers, weavers and potters as well as contemporary painters, sculptors and photographers. In addition to an array of visual arts, the festival was known for its tangible energy.



The purpose of the festival was to celebrate and honor the culture of the artists of the Pacific Islands. The focus was on traditional and contemporary art forms, performed by both traditional and contemporary artists. This allowed the audience to experience the culture and art of the Pacific Islands in a unique way.

Culture Theme: “E Kula I respond to my environment”

The theme of the Pacific Arts Festival Tonga was “E Kula I respond to my environment”. It was meant to emphasize the connection between art and the environment, by showcasing how art is used to reflect and respond to the environment. The theme also highlighted the importance of honoring the tradition and culture of the Pacific Islands.


The 2005 Pacific Arts Festival Tonga ran from 12–19 June, and featured a variety of events. These events included:

* Visual Arts Exhibition
* Workshops
* Live Performances
* Film Festivals
* Craft Fairs
* Market Place
* Cultural Performances

The festival was held in Nuku’alofa, the capital city of Tonga.


The Pacific Arts Festival Tonga was an opportunity for Pacific Islanders to share and appreciate each other’s culture, art, and tradition. It provided the opportunity for artists from across the Pacific to expand their networks, gain recognition, and promote their work. Additionally, the Festival showcased the talent and creativity of Pacific artisans, as well as providing the opportunity to learn about and appreciate the culture of the Pacific Islands.

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