UN accused of ‘blood libel’ against Israel, latest in long history of alleged bias against Jewish state

The United Nations has been accused of “blood libel” against Israel in a recent report, which is just the latest example of what many people see as the UN’s long history of bias against the Jewish state.


The report in question was issued by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on December 17, 2020. It alleged that Israel may be guilty of committing war crimes during its recent conflict with Hamas in the Gaza strip. The report was heavily criticized by Israeli politicians, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who called it a “blood libel” against Israel.

The accusation of bias is not without foundations. The UN has a long history of issuing resolutions and reports critical of Israel and its policies. One particular source of tension has been the UN’s involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The UN has repeatedly condemned Israel for its actions in the Occupied Territories and its refusal to end to its occupation.

Furthermore, the UN has been known to support Palestinian movements such as Hamas, which has been designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. and other countries. Additionally, the UN has been criticized for its failure to take action against Iran’s support for terror groups, as well as its support for Hezbollah, another antisemitic terrorist organization.

For its part, the UN has said it is not biased against Israel and that it is simply trying to uphold international law and human rights. However, with the recent report on the conflict between Hamas and Israel, it is clear that many still believe the UN has an underlying agenda against the Jewish state.

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