Voters must take Trump seriously and literally. The stakes are that high.

Trump and his administration need to be held accountable for every promise, threat, and action that they make. It is important to consider the potential implications that his decisions may have for policy, diplomacy, and international relations, as well as for the economy and the well-being of ordinary Americans. Furthermore, citizens also need to be mindful of the potential harms Trump’s statements may pose to vulnerable groups of people and take action to mitigate these risks.

The consequences of not taking Trump seriously could be dire. For example, if voters dismiss the validity of his statements or ignore his policies, it may prevent much needed accountability from being maintained, resulting in policies that may harm large groups of people and the environment. Additionally, when everyday citizens fail to engage in the political process and hold their leaders accountable, it can lead to a lack of trust in government and general apathy among the voting public.


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