Hispanic conservatives defend Univision amid backlash over Trump interview

In recent weeks, Univision, the largest Spanish-language broadcaster in the United States, has been facing a significant backlash among its Latino viewers after the network was perceived to have given preferential treatment to President Donald Trump in a recent interview. The interview, which aired on June 16th, was criticized as ‘too soft’ by some viewers, who argued that the interviewer, Jorge Ramos, should have taken a tougher stance in challenging the President on his hardline immigration policies.


Although Univision has maintained its position that it was fair and impartial in its coverage, the criticism has proven to be loud and ongoing. For many conservative Latinos, however, the interview was essential viewing and they have defended the network’s decision to air it. They argue that in a polarized political climate, Univision’s choice to give President Trump an important platform should be recognized as an act of balance. By allowing the President to express his view points, they argue that viewers would be able to make their own decisions and come to their own conclusions about the Trump administration and other issues facing the Latinx community.

As the criticism towards Univision intensifies, several prominent conservative Latinos, such as comments section commentator Antonio Hernandez, have used their platform to defend the network. Hernandez said, “I think we need to have outlets like Univision that will provide us with the opportunity to watch both sides make their case.” He continued to say, “It’s not just about justice or fairness, but it is also about having information so that we can make the best decisions possible.”

Hernandez’s position has been echoed by other Latino conservatives, including Miami-based activist Lissette Gonzalez. Gonzalez noted that “The criticism of Univision needs to be taken in the larger context of a media landscape that disproportionately marginalizes conservative voices.” She further argued that if people are looking for real journalism then they should look to Univision, which allows people to draw their own conclusions without editorializing.

Despite the criticism, it is clear that many Latino conservatives view Univision’s approach a fair and balanced one. For them, Univision’s decision to give equal platform to both sides of a highly polarized political debates is important in ensuring that viewers have the opportunity to make their own decisions and reach their own conclusions about the Trump administration and other issues facing the Latinx community.

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