Trump ‘dictator’ comment reignites criticism his camp has tried to curb

Donald Trump’s latest comments comparing himself to a dictator have sparked criticism from political analysts, who argue that the remarks are further evidence of the Republican presidential hopefuls views on power and government.


The statement, which Trump made in a radio interview Tuesday, was quickly denounced by his opponents who claimed it was a sign of his authoritarian tendencies.

“I want to be the strong man,” Trump told the host of an Iowa radio show. “I want to be like a dictator.”

Trump’s camp pushed back against the criticism, claiming the candidate was simply expressing his preference for strong leadership.

“Once again, Mr. Trump is making a point about the need for strong leadership and doing what needs to be done to turn this country around,” said Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, in a statement.

But observers argue that the statement shows Trump’s disregard for democratic norms and his authoritarian tendencies.

“Trump has a history of making autocratic statements, and this one is no exception,” said Micah Zenko, a foreign policy analyst at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Analysts cite Trump’s call for the nation’s military leaders to follow his orders as further proof that the candidate could potentially be a dangerous leader.

“His policy proposals on development, foreign policy, and even the military have been so odd and confusing that his claim to strong leadership increasingly appears to be more about autocratic rule than producing key results,” said Ed Rogers, a Republican lobbyist.

Trump’s latest comments come at a time when the US seems increasingly divided over issues of personal liberties and security, and has observers questioning whether the democratic system as we know it is in jeopardy.

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