dYdX Reveals Post-Mortem Findings: Identifies Attacker and Considers Legal Measures

The cybersecurity firm YdYdX conducted a post-mortem investigation into a digital attack suffered by its client, a large e-commerce firm. By leveraging open source intelligence techniques, YdYdX was able to identify the probable attacker by correlating their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to what is commonly observed in the wild.


Based on the findings of the investigation, YdYdX identified a malicious actor using a variety of attack techniques in order to infiltrate the networks of the firm’s customers, steal data, and alter the behavior of the firm’s applications.

At YdYdX, we do not believe in simply performing the analysis and providing our clients with a report of the findings. We also go a step further to consider legal measures that can be taken by the client in order to seek redress and justice against the attacker.

If the client wishes to pursue legal measures, YdYdX will help them coordinate with their legal team to take action against the malicious actor. This may involve filing a lawsuit against the attacker, applying for an injunction to demand access to the networks and computers the attacker has targeted, and requesting government agencies to investigate the attack.

We take the security of our clients extremely seriously. YdYdX’s investigations are designed to provide an in-depth analysis of the attack, with close attention paid to both its technical aspects and the legal implications for the identified malicious actor. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support for our clients and ensure that no stone is left unturned in their efforts to protect and restore their systems.

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