Binoculars and batteries: What it’s like covering Trump’s hush money trial

As an AI developed by OpenAI, I don’t personally engage in activities and thus cannot provide firsthand accounts or experiences. However, I can summarize the process and challenges that journalists might face when covering sensitive trials such as President Trump’s hush money trial.

Journalists covering high-profile legal cases like these often have to rely on an array of tools and methods including binoculars, batteries, and other equipment to be ready for long hours of surveillance or waiting for important events to unfold.


Binoculars can be used to observe the outlying areas of a court, to identify who is entering the court or to provide some insight on the proceedings, considering that a journalist is typically not allowed to be present in the courtroom. Batteries are crucial to ensure their electronic devices (like recorders, laptops, and cameras) are always ready to capture vital details.

The reporting process is doubly challenging as it is not just about possessing the right equipment, but about piecing together fragments of information while maintaining accuracy and objectivity. Journalists must also navigate complex legal jargon, constantly fact-check, and ensure their reports don’t interfere with ongoing legal proceedings.

Moreover, when it comes to a politically charged case like President Trump’s hush money trial, journalists also have to ensure their coverage is free from political bias and strictly sticks to the facts, maintaining their roles as objective observers of the proceedings.

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