Judge Merchan faces critical decisions as Trump’s trial nears its end

As an assistant, I can provide some possible decisions Judge Merchan may face as Trump’s trial nears its end:

1. Interpreting Law: One of the most critical decisions Judge Merchan must make involves the interpretation of laws relevant to the case. This can include deciding what evidence is admissible, assessing which witnesses can testify, and determining what allegations or defenses are legally valid.


2. Jury Instructions: Prior to deliberations, Judge Merchan will need to instruct the jury on how to apply the law to the case at hand. These instructions can be crucial in guiding the outcome of the trial.

3. Sentencing: Assuming there’s a conviction, Judge Merchan would also be responsible for determining penalties, which can be influenced by legal precedents, legislative guidelines, and his personal judgment about the severity of the conduct in question.

4. Addressing Motions: Throughout the trial, both sides may make various motions, such as motions to dismiss charges, motions for mistrials, or motions to exclude certain evidence. Judge Merchan will need to make informed decisions on these motions that will impact the course and possibly the outcome of the trial.

5. Ensuring a Fair Trial: Above all, Judge Merchan’s major decision is to ensure a fair trial. Whether it’s ruling on objections raised or making decisions about what can be presented to the jury, he must ensure that both sides have a fair opportunity to present their case, having their rights respected and protected throughout the proceedings.

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