Advertisers boost spending at retailers such as Walmart and Amazon as TV shrinks

This trend is largely due to the shift in consumer behavior towards online shopping, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Advertisers are reallocating their budgets to match the platforms where consumers are spending their time and money. TV advertising has been decreasing due to both a general decline in TV viewership and a shift in consumer preference for digital media.

Retailers like Walmart and Amazon have seen a boost in ad spending due to their massive online presence. They offer advertisers a large audience base and detailed user data to help target their ads effectively. Furthermore, these retailers have robust digital advertising platforms that enable advertisers to reach their potential customers more directly and with highly personalized ads.


The increased ad spending at these retailers indicates a broader trend in the advertising industry towards digital ad platforms. As consumers increasingly turn to online shopping, advertisers will continue investing more in digital ads as opposed to traditional TV ads.

It’s also worth noting that online retailers often have features that allow for greater tracking of ad performance, such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and detailed demographic information. These metrics allow advertisers to understand the effectiveness of their ads and adjust strategies accordingly. This level of transparency is often not available with traditional TV ads, making digital ad platforms all the more appealing.

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