Biden’s foreign policy challenges in 2023: China, Russia and war in the Middle East

1. Tensions with China: In the 2023 calendar year, Biden’s administration will likely face increasing tension from China on issues such as economic rivalry, trade issues, human rights violations, and cybersecurity threats. Biden’s team will have to navigate these issues and use diplomacy and negotiations to try to keep tensions at bay.


2. Relations with Russia: Biden’s team will also have to contend with Russia, which has persistently tried to undermine American interests and security. Defense of European territories, nuclear arms control treaties, and sanctions will all be pressing matters.

3. War in the Middle East: Biden’s team will have to address the continued conflict in the Middle East. This will likely require a combination of direct military action, diplomatic negotiations, economic sanctions, and humanitarian aid. It will also require Biden to continue to protect Israel’s security and help rebuild a moderate Palestinian state.

4. Climate Change: As warming temperatures and environmental disasters become increasingly severe, Biden will face considerable pressure to address climate change by passing ambitious legislation and implementing aggressive regulations.

5. Global Terrorism: Biden will have to address the persistent threat of global terrorism by cracking down on terrorist activities and engaging in effective counter-terrorism strategies. He will need to ensure that the US is adequately protected while also making sure that American involvement does not fuel further insurgencies.

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