Six more years of Putin will worry many countries. But not China

Indeed, China’s relationship with Russia under Putin’s leadership has been generally positive, with both countries sharing a common interest in challenging U.S. global leadership. In recent years, China and Russia have engaged in numerous joint military exercises, increased their bilateral trade, and supported each other’s stance in regional disputes.

China might not be worried about Russia’s continued leadership under Putin because they see him as a pragmatic partner. Moreover, he has been consistent in respecting China’s interests and being more inclined towards multipolarity in international relations to counterbalance U.S. dominance. China-Russia relations are based on the principles of non-interference, respect for sovereignty, and mutual benefit, which seems to suit both countries well.


However, this does not necessarily mean there is no room for potential concerns. While the bilateral relationship appears strong, some observers question the extent to which it is formed out of genuine friendship, rather than shared hostility towards the U.S. Furthermore, long-term strategic interests might not always align. China’s rise and expansion in Central Asia or the Arctic, for example, may become points of future contention.

Traditionally, alliances tend to shift over time in response to changing international dynamics. Nevertheless, it seems likely that China will view Putin’s continued leadership as more of an opportunity than a threat, at least in the short term.

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