Explosive star event will create once-in-a-lifetime sight in the sky. Here’s how to see it

Explosive star events, also known as supernovae, are amongst the most spectacular phenomena occurring in the cosmos, but they are generally unpredictable and often difficult to see without telescopes. However, assuming we know about an upcoming supernova event, here are some steps on how you could catch this once-in-a-lifetime sight:

1. **Know When and Where to Look:** Prediction of a star exploding is complex and often uncertain, but astronomers sometimes are able to predict when certain stars might explode. Keep an eye on astronomy websites or news outlets for information on supernova events.


2. **Dark Sky Location:** To increase your chances of seeing this event, you will want to be in a location with minimal light pollution. This means getting away from city lights as much as possible.

3. **Use of Telescope and Binoculars:** While some supernovae are bright enough to be visible to the naked eye, many require at least a small telescope or binoculars.

4. **A Star Map:** Once you are informed that such an event will occur, you will probably be given specifics about which constellation to look at. A star map or smartphone app for stargazing can help you locate the right part of the sky.

5. **Patience:** Star gazing in general requires a lot of patience and a supernova event is no different. Also, the peak of a supernova can last for several days, so you may have a few nights to try

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